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23ZHV_ Rosso Nobile Refill 2500 ml

23ZHV_ Rosso Nobile Refill 2500 ml

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Base dimensions: 11.5x29 cm
2500 ml refill of Rosso Nobile with free sticks

The refill for the Rosso Nobile perfume diffuser offers a unique sensory experience, inspired by the beauty of Tuscany. The generous 2500ml format comes with a new box of reed sticks to match the size of your sophisticated diffuser. Let yourself be transported to the heart of a vineyard with captivating notes of orange blossom, strawberry, forest fruits and birch.

“I created this home fragrance during a challenge with a winemaker friend. He doubted whether a perfume could capture the complex nuances of a good Tuscan red wine. He changed his mind when I presented Rosso Nobile in an elegant bottle.”

Inspiration :
No matter where you are, just close your eyes, mentally escape to a Tuscan vineyard in the Chianti hills. With Rosso Nobile, recreate the relaxing magic of Tuscany at home.

Olfactory pyramid:
Orange, orange blossom, violet
Strawberry, wild fruits
Birch and oak wood
The precious notes of orange, orange blossom, violet, strawberry, forest fruits, birch wood and oak in the Rosso Nobile candle evoke the world-famous barrels of Tuscan red wine.

Practical advice :
To keep the aroma consistent, replace used sticks with those provided with the refill. Use all the included neutral sticks.
When using for the first time, let the sticks soak for about an hour before turning them over.
To adjust the intensity of the scent, turn all or some of the sticks one or several times a day.

Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects.
Causes severe eye irritation.
Highly flammable liquid and vapor.

Héritage Florentin - Artistic and artisanal perfumery

Since his beginnings, Dr Paolo Vranjes has aimed to create unique and unexpected olfactory journeys.

With over 40 years of experience in artisanal and artistic perfumery, Dr Vranjes Firenze succeeds in encapsulating all the Florentine elegance in each bottle. It offers a multi-sensory approach to life, coming in various types of fragrances, whether for ambiance or personal beauty.

Timeless elegance Distinctive fragrances & Italian art of living

Each fragrance from Dr Vranjes Firenze embodies the delights of the Italian way of life. A touch of contemporary elegance mixed with subtle warmth provides a feeling of well-being, no matter the place or time of day. With his creations, Dr Vranjes Firenze offers a journey through the countless nuances of a country rich in beauty and history. A precious experience to savor alone or in company.

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