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G6UX-Tecknomonster | amaya carbon fiber mounting case, crocodile chestnut

G6UX-Tecknomonster | amaya carbon fiber mounting case, crocodile chestnut

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The Tecknomonster briefcase: A luxury masterpiece for your important meetings

Make an unforgettable impression during your important meetings with the Tecknomonster briefcase, the ultimate embodiment of refinement and excellence. Handmade in our Italian workshop, this extraordinary case is designed to exceed all your expectations.

An unrivaled choice of customization:

  • Autoclaved carbon fiber with a matte finish: Opt for sobriety and timeless elegance.
  • Custom Finishes: Personalize your case with a glossy finish, a special clear anti-scratch nano-treatment, or even Swarovski crystals, diamond dust or gold foil coating for the ultimate touch of luxury.
  • Bespoke Interiors: Choose from a range of specialty leathers, exotic animal skins or Alcantara for an interior that reflects your unique style.


  • Size: H 32 cm / L 42 cm / D 9 cm
  • Weight : 1.2kg
  • Materials:
    • Exterior: Carbon fiber
    • Interior: Leather/carbon fiber
    • Handles: carbon fiber/leather

Tecknomonster: Excellence beyond luxury

Beyond the simple briefcase, Tecknomonster represents a philosophy of excellence and independence. By operating without the influence of venture capitalists, we are free to place quality at the heart of our approach, without ever giving in to the pressures of short-term profit. Each creation is carefully developed to offer you the best luggage in the world, without any compromise on quality.

Tecknomonster: First in innovation, leader in refinement.

  • World's first hard carbon fiber luggage cart
  • World's first titanium luggage cart
  • Italy's first soft carbon fiber bags

Travel with peace of mind, travel with Tecknomonster.

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