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SGBZ4_ Office PC Screen | 21.5" | FULL HD | USB-C (+ 65W charging) JN-i215FLFHSP-C65W

SGBZ4_ Office PC Screen | 21.5" | FULL HD | USB-C (+ 65W charging) JN-i215FLFHSP-C65W

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JN-i215FLFHSP-C65W: A high-performance PC screen for your daily life

More than just a PC monitor, the JN-i215FLFHSP-C65W combines aesthetics, functionality and image quality to become your ideal daily companion, whether for work or entertainment.

Designed for everyday use , this 21.5-inch display offers Full HD (1920x1080) resolution for a clear, sharp picture, perfect for web browsing, document management and much more. Its sober and elegant design will fit perfectly into all work environments.

Featuring an IPS panel , it guarantees vibrant colors and wide viewing angles for an optimal visual experience. The matte surface of the screen reduces reflections, allowing you to work comfortably in varying light conditions.

In terms of features , it offers full connectivity with HDMI and USB ports (Type-C included), allowing you to easily connect your devices. USB-C charging lets you charge your laptop directly via the included USB-C cable, while KVM technology simplifies your workspace by letting you control multiple computers with a single keyboard, mouse, and display combo.

With its compact dimensions and light weight , this screen is easily manipulated and adaptable to different work spaces. The slim bezel maximizes display space and contributes to a modern aesthetic.

For an optimal user experience , the screen offers integrated modes that you can adjust according to your activity (text for office automation, cinema for videos, etc. ).

Coming with an HDMI cable, a Type-C cable, and a USB cable (USB-B to USB-A) , this display is ready to use right out of the box.

In summary, the JN-i215FLFHSP-C65W is a powerful and versatile PC monitor that will meet all your needs, whether for work or entertainment.

Japannext: A specialist in PC screens

Founded in 2016 in Japan, Japannext is a PC monitor brand offering innovative, quality and affordable products. The brand offers a wide range of displays, including 4K models, gaming models, mobile displays and large formats. Japannext is a Tokyo-based company with offices in Akihabara and operations, product development, customer service and logistics centers in Isumi. The brand has been present in Europe since the end of 2023 and offers its products at ultra-competitive prices.

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