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86Q7-Santa Luce | mountain+mystic candle - oud wood | amber

86Q7-Santa Luce | mountain+mystic candle - oud wood | amber

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Mountain+Mystic: Travel to unexplored olfactory heights

Nestled in the heart of the mountains, where the air is pure and invigorating, a mystical essence is revealed. The deep, captivating notes of oud wood blend with the enveloping warmth of amber to create a captivating scent that will transport you to distant lands.

A unique olfactory journey

The meeting of the deep and captivating notes of Oud Wood with the enveloping warmth of Amber invites you on a journey to the heart of the secrets of nature. Each time you light it, let yourself be guided by this captivating fragrance and escape to distant lands.

An exceptional candle

  • Format: ℮ 200g – 7×9 cm
  • Average burning time: 40 hours
  • Composition: 100% vegetable wax based on soy and coconut
  • Wick: Untreated cotton, with a paper core
  • Main notes: Oud wood, Amber
  • Amber glass container
  • Candle made in France (Lyon and Grasse)
  • Delivered in a cardboard box (100% recyclable)

Artisanal know-how

Each Mountain+Mystic candle is the result of meticulous work, reflecting the attention paid to every detail and the know-how of Santa Luce®. Concerned about the environment and animal welfare, Santa Luce® is committed to using only quality raw materials, respectful of our planet.

Santa Luce® quality

  • French manufacturing: Artisanal excellence at the heart of each candle.
  • Soy and coconut vegetable wax: Purity and quality for healthy combustion.
  • Without CMR, phthalates and animal materials: Respect for the environment and animal welfare.
  • Perfumes created by a master perfumer in Grasse: Unique olfactory know-how.

Your ultimate guide to enjoying your candle

Santa Luce® helps you to fully enjoy your Mountain+Mystic candle, while guaranteeing safety and durability.

Discover Santa Luce®

Santa Luce® is a stylish e-commerce site offering a refined collection of scented candles and accessories, inspired by the essence and sunny lifestyle of California. Enrich every living space with a touch of luxury and olfactory well-being.

Order your Mountain+Mystic candle today and let yourself be transported by its captivating scent!

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