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Santa Luce®

8K9F-Santa Luce | Hemp-harbor Candle - Hemp | Petitgrain

8K9F-Santa Luce | Hemp-harbor Candle - Hemp | Petitgrain

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Hemp+Harbor: An olfactory getaway to the Californian shores

A contrasting fragrance, reflecting the meeting of earth and ocean

Imagine walking along a Californian beach, where waves crash on the fine sand while the sea breeze carries floral and woody scents. This is the very essence that the Hemp+Harbor candle from Santa Luce® captures.

A harmony of notes

As soon as you turn it on, a surge of floral and slightly woody hemp transports you to the heart of green fields and flowering gardens. This surprising note blends wonderfully with the citrus liveliness of petitgrain, evoking citrus fruits and undergrowth. These two fragrances, although contrasting, merge into a perfectly balanced olfactory symphony, both soft and subtle, with an earthy depth.

French artisanal know-how

Each Hemp+Harbor candle is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, reflecting the attention to every detail and the artisanal heritage of Santa Luce®. Made in France, in Lyon and Grasse, it is composed of 100% vegetable wax based on soy and coconut, an untreated cotton wick with a paper core, and contains a captivating fragrance created by a master perfumer at Fat.

More than just a candle, an experience

With Santa Luce®, candles are not just sources of light, they are life companions, creators of ambiance and diffusers of well-being. The Hemp+Harbor candle, with its unique scent and elegant design, invites you on an unforgettable olfactory journey to the sunny shores of California.


  • Format: ℮ 200g - 7×9 cm
  • Average burning time: 40h
  • Composition: 100% vegetable wax based on soy and coconut
  • Wick: Untreated cotton, with a paper core
  • Main notes: Hemp, Petitgrain
  • Amber glass container
  • Candle made in France (Lyon and Grasse)
  • Delivered in a cardboard box (100% recyclable)

Santa Luce®: French quality

All Santa Luce® candles are carefully made in France, in an artisanal workshop in Lyon. They are designed with a 100% vegetable wax based on soy and coconut, not tested on animals, and are free of CMR, phthalates and animal materials. The wicks are made of untreated cotton, with a paper core. To complete the experience, the captivating perfumes are created by a master perfumer in Grasse, recognized as the world capital of perfume.

Discover the Santa Luce® universe and let yourself be transported by refined fragrances and elegant designs.

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