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5534-SAGE Barista Pro™ - Espresso machine

5534-SAGE Barista Pro™ - Espresso machine

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Semi-automatic espresso machine for exceptional coffee at home

Enjoy barista-worthy coffee in your own kitchen with the SAGE Barista Pro™ espresso machine.

Intuitive interface and LCD screen:

  • Track extraction progress in real time for precise control.
  • View all the information to make the perfect espresso.

ThermoJet® system:

  • Ultra-fast heating (3 seconds) for even extraction.
  • Energy saving up to 32% per year.

Integrated mill:

  • Fresh, precise grind for optimal flavor.
  • 30 grind settings to personalize your coffee.

Powerful steam nozzle:

  • Smooth micro-milk foam for perfect cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Adjustable steam temperature to control milk texture.

Advanced functions:

  • Pre-infusion for uniform and balanced extraction.
  • Automatic water dosing for a perfect cup of espresso every time.
  • Volumetric extraction control to customize the quantity of coffee.

Stylish and compact design:

  • Fits perfectly into any kitchen.
  • Brushed stainless steel finish for a modern, professional look.

Ease of use and maintenance:

  • Automatic cleaning and descaling programs for easy maintenance.
  • Removable water tray for easy filling and cleaning.

Included with the machine:

  • Filter holder, filter baskets, milk pitcher, water filter, tamper, dosing system, cleaning kit, water hardness test strip.

SAGE Barista Pro™: More than an espresso machine, it's an investment in the ultimate coffee experience at home.

Additional key points:

  • 2 years warranty.
  • Wide choice of accessories available.
  • Community of passionate users to share advice.

Technical sheet

Dimensions: 39.3 cm (height) x 35.0 cm (width) x 33.2 cm (depth)

Pressure: High performance 15 bar pump

Power: 1650W

Cup height: Adjustable coffee spout for cups up to 160 mm

Water tank: 2 liter capacity

Touchscreen: LCD screen with animations showing grinding and extraction progress


  • ThermoJet® heating system reaches optimal temperature in 3 seconds and reduces energy consumption by 32% per year
  • Automatic dosing and grinding with a built-in conical grinder with 30 grind settings
  • 54mm stainless steel filter holder compatible with pressurized and non-pressurized filters, for rich, aromatic coffee
  • Low pressure pre-infusion and extraction at 9 bars for a creamy, caramel-colored espresso
  • Powerful steam at 130°C for silky microfoam
  • Intuitive interface with volumetric extraction control, displaying all the information needed for perfect extraction


  • Built-in grinder grinds the exact amount of coffee for optimal flavor
  • ThermoJet heating system for optimal temperature in 3 seconds and precise espresso extraction

Coffee deposit: Capacity of 250 g

Heating: ThermoJet system reaching optimal extraction temperature in 3 seconds

Maintenance and cleaning:

  • Separate cleaning and descaling cycles
  • For cleaning, a cleaning tablet is placed in the filter basket and the cycle is started via the main menu
  • For descaling, a descaling agent is added to the tank water and the cycle is started via the main menu, followed by a three-step rinse cycle

Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase

If you are looking for a high-end espresso machine that will allow you to make barista-worthy coffees, the SAGE Barista Pro™ is the ideal choice.

Incapto Coffee

It's a company born from a passion for coffee, an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do good. Their mission is to provide a sustainable alternative to capsule coffee, by offering freshly roasted, capsule-free specialty coffee that is good for the planet.

Why choose Incapto Coffee?

  • Premium Coffee: They work directly with small coffee producers around the world and roast daily to ensure freshness.
  • Capsule-free and eco-friendly: Their coffee is roasted as beans and their coffee machines grind it on demand, eliminating unnecessary waste from capsules.
  • Good for you and the planet: Their coffee is sustainably grown and roasted, and they donate a portion of their profits to social and environmental initiatives.

In addition to delicious coffee, Incapto Coffee also offers:

  • Elegant and easy-to-use coffee machines
  • A wide choice of specialty coffees
  • Fast and free delivery
  • Excellent customer service
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