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202V4_ Robot Buzz Lightyear (Buzz l'Éclair) Space Ranger Alpha

202V4_ Robot Buzz Lightyear (Buzz l'Éclair) Space Ranger Alpha

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    Buzz Lightyear: An ultra-realistic experience worthy of a space ranger

    Immerse yourself in the world of Lightyear with this ultra-authentic Buzz Lightyear, equipped with revolutionary features that make it larger than life!

    Iconic design and cutting-edge technology

    • Faithful representation of the character from the film "Lightyear", with over 120 realistic details.
    • Illuminated Alpha spacesuit and motorized jetpack for striking looks and movement.
    • Dual steam nozzles with customizable LEDs create an impressive propulsive effect.

    Intelligent and immersive interaction

    • Intelligent voice and conversational control for rich, fun interactions.
    • Over 200 audio clips and sound effects from the film "Lightyear" for a total immersive experience.
    • App control for advanced customization and varied game modes.

    Programming for unlimited fun

    • Intuitive block programming, from simple to complex, to stimulate creativity.
    • Manual programming mode to choreograph Buzz's every move with precision.
    • Bring your interstellar adventures to life with endless possibilities.

    Robosen: At the forefront of robotic innovation

    • Since 2008, Robosen has been pushing the boundaries of robotic technology.
    • High-precision motors, adaptive control algorithms and structural deformation concept for smooth and realistic movements.
    • Advanced voice recognition and intelligent vision sensors for natural, intuitive interaction.

    Buzz Lightyear: More than just a toy, a true work of technological art.

    Get ready to touch the glory of the galaxy with this revolutionary Buzz Lightyear!

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