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91O3R_ Robosen Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts Robot (Limited Edition)

91O3R_ Robosen Optimus Prime Rise of the Beasts Robot (Limited Edition)

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    Optimus Prime: Bring the legendary hero to life!

    Transform your living room into Cybertron with Optimus Prime, the iconic Transformers robot, in its most advanced version to date!

    An authentic and immersive experience:

    • Faithful recreation of the design from the 'Rise of the Beasts' movie : Measuring 40 cm tall, this robot perfectly captures the striking details of Optimus Prime, from the red and blue tractor-trailer to the expressive face.
    • Exclusive Dialogues with Peter Cullen : Immerse yourself in the Transformers universe with voices recorded by the original Optimus Prime voice actor, Peter Cullen.
    • Smooth, Realistic Movements : Using Robosen's advanced robotic actuation technologies, Optimus Prime performs precise, realistic movements, as if he's coming straight off the screen.
    • Stunning Aerobatics : Perform incredible stunts with the included stand, allowing Optimus Prime to take flight and perform spectacular aerial maneuvers.

    Endless entertainment:

    • Manual or block programming : Easily customize Optimus Prime's movements with two easy-to-use programming modes.
    • Interactive App : Access an ever-expanding collection of downloadable actions to discover new ways to play with Optimus Prime.
    • Hours of play and adventure await : Relive the most iconic Transformers scenes or create your own fantastical stories.

    The Ultimate Collector's Experience:

    • Limited edition with collectible gold medal and unique serial number.
    • Exclusive packaging for optimal presentation.
    • A valuable collectible for all Transformers fans.

    Optimus Prime: much more than a simple toy, a true legend come to life!

    Additional Features:

    • Advanced artificial intelligence technology for intuitive interaction and precise voice commands.
    • Intelligent vision sensors allow Optimus Prime to adapt to its environment.
    • Durable, high-quality materials for increased strength and longevity.

    Don't miss this unique opportunity to own the most advanced Transformers robot ever created!

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