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2ZLYV_ Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime (Limited Edition)

2ZLYV_ Robosen Flagship Optimus Prime (Limited Edition)

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FlagshipO ptimus Prime: The return of a legend!

Awaken the Transformers icon with Optimus Prime, the self-transforming robot!

Restored G1 Authenticity

  • Design faithful to the original series
  • Smooth automatic transformation
  • Authentic transformation sounds

Intuitive control

  • Mobile app for simplified ordering
  • Voice commands with the voice of Peter Cullen ("Roll Out", "Convert", "Attack"... )
  • Four programming modes for customizable gameplay

Action and interactivity

  • Autonomous walking and driving
  • Realistic hero poses and combat moves
  • Immersive voice interaction for intuitive controls

Advanced technology

  • High-precision motors and advanced control algorithms for smooth movements
  • Artificial intelligence for accurate speech recognition and environmental adaptation

Contents of the box

  • Robot Optimus Prime
  • Ion Cannon
  • Energon Ax
  • Data cable
  • Adapter
  • User Manual

Optimus Prime: a must-have for Transformers fans of all ages!

Order now and bring your favorite Transformers hero to life!

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