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QLU4-Robosen | Flagship Grimlock Robot G1 Collector's Edition

QLU4-Robosen | Flagship Grimlock Robot G1 Collector's Edition

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Grimlock Robosen: The Transformers G1 dream comes true

Immerse yourself in the world of Transformers G1 with the Grimlock Robosen from the Flagship series, an exceptional robot that embodies the authenticity and power of this iconic character.

Automatic transformation and bipedal walking

This revolutionary robot automatically transforms from dinosaur mode to robot mode and back, providing an immersive and captivating experience. Its ability to walk like a biped makes it the most advanced transformable robot to date, featuring 34 servo motors for smooth, precise movements.

Intuitive control and voice interaction

Take control of Grimlock using the dedicated app or voice commands. Over 150 original Transformers dialogues, recorded by the voice of Grimlock himself, Gregg Berger, bring the robot to life and transport you into the heart of the Transformers universe.

Programming and sharing

Four programming modes allow you to create your own actions and movement sequences. Share your creations with the Robosen community and discover new ways to play with Grimlock.

An exclusive accessory pack

This pack limited to 100 copies includes a set of exclusive accessories that enrich the gaming experience, such as an apron, wine glasses, a fish and a crown.

Advanced technologies

Robosen uses its expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence to create exceptional robots. Cutting-edge robotic actuation and artificial intelligence technologies ensure smooth, precise and responsive movements.

Grimlock Robosen: A unique collectible robot for Transformers fans

Don't miss this unique opportunity to own a piece of Transformers history. The Grimlock Robosen from the Flagship series is an exceptional robot that will delight fans of all ages.

main Features

  • Automatic transformation from dinosaur mode to robot mode and vice versa
  • Smooth and stable bipedal walking
  • Control via app and voice command
  • Over 150 original Transformers dialogues
  • Four programming modes
  • Exclusive accessory pack
  • Cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence technologies

Grimlock Robosen: Make your Transformers dreams come true.

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