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5LK7C_ Robosen K1 Pro Interstellar Scout

5LK7C_ Robosen K1 Pro Interstellar Scout

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    K1 Pro: An intelligent and agile robot for limitless adventures

    Defy gravity with unrivaled agility

    • Flexible walking, lightness and portability: Enjoy exceptional freedom of movement thanks to its compact and robust design.
    • 3 programming modes: Adapt the K1 Pro to your needs and your level with manual, block or voice programming .
    • Intelligent Voice Control: Control your robot with your voice and over 82 pre-installed voice commands for an intuitive experience.

    Artificial intelligence at your service

    • Cutting-Edge Adaptive Algorithms: The K1 Pro uses advanced algorithms for smooth, realistic gait stabilization and joint animation.
    • Powerful voice recognition: Interact naturally with your robot with advanced voice recognition and natural language.
    • Intelligent vision sensors: The K1 Pro perceives its environment and adapts accordingly, for precise and safe movements.

    Learning and entertainment in one

    • Fun and educational application: Create personalized actions, develop your critical thinking and learn the basics of programming in a fun way.
    • Programmable robot: Bring your ideas to life by programming the K1 Pro with blocks or manually.

    Robosen: At the forefront of robotic innovation

    • Robotic actuation technologies: High-precision motors, cutting-edge algorithms and structural deformation concept for smooth and realistic movements.
    • Artificial intelligence technologies: Machine learning algorithms and powerful voice recognition for intuitive and intelligent interaction.

    The K1 Pro: Your ideal companion for extraordinary adventures.

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