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68KU-JapanNext | office pc screen | 31.5" | 4k uhd | 60hz jn-v315uhdr

68KU-JapanNext | office pc screen | 31.5" | 4k uhd | 60hz jn-v315uhdr

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JN-V315UHDR: A 4K UHD display for an exceptional visual experience

Immersion and productivity at the heart of your workspace

The JN-V315UHDR from Japannext is a 31.5-inch PC monitor designed to provide an exceptional visual experience for professionals seeking performance, elegance and ergonomics. Featuring 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution and a VA panel delivering deep contrasts and intense blacks, this monitor transforms your workspace into an immersive and productive environment.

Key Features

  • Large 31.5-inch screen for generous workspace
  • 4K UHD resolution for exceptional image clarity and sharp details
  • VA panel for deep contrasts and intense blacks
  • Elegant and ergonomic design for optimal visual comfort
  • Versatile connectivity with HDMI ports and European standard adapter
  • 2 year warranty for peace of mind

Perfect for

  • Document management
  • Graphic design
  • Viewing multimedia content
  • Precision work
  • Demanding professional environments

Additional Features

  • Semi-gloss finish to reduce eye strain
  • Low Blue Light mode to protect your eyes from blue light
  • Built-in speakers for a complete multimedia experience
  • VESA compatible for easy wall mounting

Japannext: A specialist in PC screens

Founded in 2016 in Japan, Japannext is a brand recognized for its innovative, quality and affordable products. The brand offers a wide range of PC monitors, including 4K models, gaming monitors, mobile monitors and large formats. Japannext is synonymous with:

  • Products of excellent specifications
  • Ultra competitive prices
  • Proximity and quality of service

If you are looking for a high-performance, stylish and ergonomic PC monitor for your professional workspace, the JN-V315UHDR from Japannext is an ideal choice. With its 4K UHD resolution, VA panel, elegant design and numerous features, this monitor offers you an exceptional visual experience that will improve your productivity and visual comfort.

In addition :

  • The large screen size (31.5 inches) and 4K UHD resolution provide generous workspace and exceptional image clarity, perfect for managing multiple windows and precision work.
  • The VA panel delivers deep contrasts and intense blacks, for a more realistic and immersive image.
  • The monitor's elegant, ergonomic design makes it easy to integrate into any workspace and ensures optimal visual comfort.
  • Versatile connectivity with HDMI ports and European standard adapter ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices.
  • The 2-year warranty provides peace of mind regarding product reliability and longevity.
  • The included accessories (HDMI cable and European standard adapter) make it easy to install and get started with the monitor.
  • Usage tips suggest using the monitor in a professional setting where image clarity and visual comfort are paramount.
  • Information on Japannext highlights the brand's expertise in the field of PC monitors and its commitment to offering quality products at affordable prices.

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