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78WQ-Incapto | Sumatran coffee beans - Aceh Trenggiling

78WQ-Incapto | Sumatran coffee beans - Aceh Trenggiling

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A taste journey with spicy and chocolate notes

Want a unique coffee with intense flavors that transport you to Sumatra?

Sumatran coffee - Aceh Trenggiling from Incapto is made for you! This exceptional coffee is distinguished by its complex aromatic profile, marked by spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves, enhanced with a base of bitter chocolate and subtle touches of strawberry. A real taste change with every cup!

A single origin coffee resulting from a unique treatment

This coffee comes from the Aceh region of Sumatra, Indonesia, known for its coffees with strong aromas. Grown with passion and expertise, Aceh Trenggiling coffee undergoes a unique processing called Giling Basah, which gives it its characteristic spicy notes. This traditional process removes the pulp from the coffee cherry in a wet manner, which develops complex and intense flavors.

A commitment to fair trade and quality

Incapto is committed to offering superior quality coffees while respecting the values ​​of fair trade and sustainable development. Sumatra - Aceh Trenggiling coffee is fair trade certified, which guarantees fair prices for producers and decent working conditions. By choosing this café, you directly support local communities and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Order your Incapto coffee today and discover an exceptional coffee with unique flavors and an inspiring story!

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