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Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) | White

Echo Show 10 (3rd generation) | White

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The Echo Show 10 (3rd generation): A smart screen with motion and Alexa

A screen that follows you

The Echo Show 10 stands out with its 10.1" HD screen that automatically swivels to face you. Whether you're on a video call, cooking a recipe or watching a movie, the screen stays within your field of view. vision.

Stay connected and centered

Make video calls with your loved ones without worrying about framing. The 13MP camera with auto-focus and motion keeps you front and center for clear, crisp conversations.

Control your connected home

Manage your compatible connected devices with your voice. Ask Alexa to show your front door camera, turn on the lights, or adjust the thermostat. Easily configure and control compatible Zigbee and Matter devices without an additional hub.

Monitor your home remotely

Access the built-in camera to monitor your home remotely, anytime and securely, via the Alexa app or other Echo Show devices.

Enjoy immersive entertainment

Watch your favorite series and movies on Prime Video and Netflix, listen to music on Amazon Music, Spotify and Deezer, and much more. Directional speakers deliver quality sound that adapts to your room.

An outstanding culinary assistant

Alexa is your ideal ally in the kitchen. It can help you find recipes, add items to your shopping lists, set timers and much more.

Turn your home screen into a digital frame

Use Amazon Photos to display your favorite photos on your home screen. Adaptive colorimetry automatically adjusts colors based on ambient brightness for optimal presentation.

Designed to protect your privacy

The Echo Show 10 has several features to protect your privacy, including a microphone/camera off button , a built-in camera cover , and the ability to turn off motion .


The Echo Show 10 is made with recycled materials and uses renewable energy.

main Features

  • 10.1" rotating HD screen
  • 13MP camera with auto-framing and motion
  • Connected home voice control
  • Remote monitoring of your home
  • Immersive entertainment
  • Culinary assistant
  • Digital frame
  • Protection of private life
  • Eco-friendly

Contents of the box

  • Echo Show 10
  • AC adapter
  • Cable
  • Rotation template
  • Quick Start Guide

The Echo Show 10 is a powerful and versatile smart display that delivers an exceptional user experience. It's ideal for those looking for a device to stay connected with loved ones, control their smart home, entertain themselves and much more.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Rotatable 10.1" HD screen for optimal viewing experience
  • 13MP camera with auto-framing and motion for crisp, clear video calls
  • Connected home voice control for easier management of your devices
  • Remote monitoring of your home for peace of mind
  • Immersive entertainment with quality speakers and a wide selection of content
  • Culinary assistant to help you prepare your meals
  • Digital frame to display your favorite photos
  • Privacy protection to keep you safe
  • Environmentally friendly for minimal impact on the planet

If you're looking for a smart display that's powerful, versatile, and packed with advanced features, the Echo Show 10 is a great option to consider.

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