Exceptional Spanish coffee, fresh roasting, intense taste, eco-responsible choice.

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2TNWM_ INCAPTO Aura white - Coffee machine

2TNWM_ INCAPTO Aura white - Coffee machine

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Colors available : White | Black

INCAPTO Aura: An exceptional, tasty and responsible coffee

Elegant and functional design for perfect coffee in one click.

The INCAPTO Aura is designed to give you an optimal coffee experience. Its compact and elegant design fits perfectly into your kitchen, while its ease of use allows you to prepare freshly ground coffee with just one click.

A variety of recipes for all tastes.

Whether you prefer a strong espresso, a long coffee or a long coffee, the INCAPTO Aura offers you a wide range of recipes to satisfy all your desires.

Optimal extraction for tasty coffee.

Thanks to its 19 bar pressure and its pre-infusion system, the INCAPTO Aura extracts the best from your coffee, thus revealing all its flavors and aromas.

Practical features for a simplified daily life.

  • Double coffee outlet to prepare two coffees simultaneously
  • Visible 1.5 liter water tank for great autonomy
  • Automatic cleaning system for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable grinder for a custom grind
  • 3 year warranty for peace of mind

Main Features :

  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 18.5 x 40.5 cm
  • Pressure: 19 bars
  • Water tank: 1.5 liter removable
  • Touchscreen: Touch selector
  • Functions: Short and long coffee, hot water, pre-infusion, conical grinder, double espresso, double coffee outlet, MyCoffee, etc.
  • Coffee deposit: 150 g
  • Ultra-FastSystem: Coffee ready in 30 seconds
  • Heating: Thermoblock system
  • Maintenance: Automatic descaling, LED indicators, removable parts
  • Accessories: Cleaning brush, cloth, descaler
  • Warranty: 3 years

INCAPTO: Beyond coffee

INCAPTO is much more than just a coffee machine. It is a committed brand that strives to offer quality coffee, respectful of the environment and the producers.

Fresh coffee, roasted daily

INCAPTO works in collaboration with small coffee producers around the world to offer you exceptional coffees, freshly roasted every day.

Without capsules, for a more sustainable planet

INCAPTO coffee machines allow you to enjoy delicious coffee without capsules or unnecessary waste, for a more environmentally friendly gesture.

INCAPTO: Coffee, experience and pleasure, without limits.

With INCAPTO, rediscover the pleasure of exceptional, tasty and responsible coffee.

Improve your coffee ritual with INCAPTO.

Key points:

  • Compact and elegant design
  • Variety of recipes for all tastes
  • Optimal extraction for tasty coffee
  • Practical features for a simplified daily life
  • Fresh coffee, roasted daily
  • Without capsules, for a more sustainable planet

The INCAPTO Aura is the ideal coffee machine for anyone looking for exceptional, tasty and responsible coffee.

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